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The Subaru VIZIV Tourer

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Want to peek into the dreams of your favourite car designers? Easy. Take a look at their concept cars.

One problem – they’re frequently just a manufacturer’s pipedream, something stunning to look at, with jaw-dropping specifications that grab the imagination (and media interest), but have no impact on the cars on the road.

Subaru concept cars are different. They actually influence future production. New styling, new innovations and new technology are often tested in their concept cars – called VIZIV – before they enter mainstream production.

And about the odd-sounding name, VIZIV stands for Vision for Innovation, which highlights Subaru’s passion for advancing design and technology throughout their complete range.

The design is instantly recognisable as classic Subaru.

Introducing the VIZIV Tourer

Subaru’s newest concept car – the VIZIV Tourer – was launched at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2018 and continues Subaru’s trend of developing forward-looking concept cars.

But, what does that actually mean for your next Subaru?

Sleek, stylish and safe

The VIZIV Tourer proudly displays a futuristic spin on Subaru’s Dynamic x Solid design aesthetic. Subaru’s classic hexagonal grill is joined by sharper C-shaped headlights and muscular front bumper vents. Even with these changes, the design is instantly recognisable as classic Subaru.

Crossovers inspired the car’s body, with carbon fibre wheel arch inserts and side skirts. And the VIZIV Tourer gets a sporty look thanks to the carbon fibre diffuser inserted into the rear bumper.

The hatchback has a four-seat layout, for enhanced passenger comfort.

VIZIV stands for Vision for Innovation, which highlights Subaru’s passion for advancing design and technology.

Technically advanced

The VIZIV Tourer is all about the exterior design, so Subaru hasn’t given many details about the technology under the hood. Unfortunately, we can’t spill too many secrets here either.

The VIZIV Tourer will incorporate the next-generation EyeSight system, including a new stereo camera system and GPS navigation. Together, the stereo cameras and GPS will work with EyeSight to help reduce accidents so that drivers can focus on the ride.

VIZIV Tourer: encouraging active enjoyment of driving

As we’ve seen, Subaru VIZIV models are more than just a concept: they are the brand’s future.

The VIZIV Tourer is a clear expression of Subaru’s vision for driving enjoyment and peace of mind. This vision will return and strongly influence future Subaru models that will roll off the production line in just a few years’ time.

A lot of the details of the VIZIV Tourer are still top-secret, but here are the specifications that have been released:

Boxer engine

Symmetrical all-wheel drive system

Body size

4,775 x 1,930 x 1,435 mm(overall length x width x height)


2,730 mm

Tire size

245/40 R20

Seating capacity

4 people


hexagonal design with C-shaped headlight

Front bumper vents

Wheel arch inserts

carbon fibre


carbon fibre

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