Power on. Ready. Charge. 

Subaru’s Permanent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is now electric. Powered by two independent,
80 kW electric  motors, the all-new Solterra is ready to take you anywhere.

The fourth SUV in our European line-up is built on the e‑SUBARU Global Platform that houses and protects the electric powertrain. It has been engineered it in a way that not only allows batteries to be stored safely in the underfloor but it also utilizes the batteries to make the framework stiffer and stronger. As a result, the Solterra rides on a platform that is 1.2 times stiffer and more rigid than the platform used on our Petrol & Hybrid SUV’s. In the event of a collision, the impact energy is channeled via a multi-load path that deflect it from the area where electric components are located. Occupants are protected by a body structure with lateral rigidity that is 200% stronger than it is on our other SUV’s.

Discover the power of electric Permanent All-Wheel Drive.

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