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Solterra, the fourth SUV in our European line-up, is our first zero emission SUV.  It is coined after two Latin words; Sol (for Sun), and Terra (for Earth) - which Subaru intends to keep driving on responsibly making use of new, alternative technologies.

Solterra is built on Subaru’s 'dynamic, solid and bolder’ design philosophy, where function fuses with design but function always comes first. The front retains Subaru’s iconic hexagon grille, the Subaru’s C-shaped front lights (which feature Subaru’s first multiple projector LED headlamps), and now has air-intakes on each side of the front bumper, which aren’t there for the show but contribute to the car’s on-road performance. These aerodynamic design features all optimize air-flow, and reduce disturbance and noise for an enjoyable drive. 

Thanks to its well-though design, Solterra features an open, relaxing and an uncluttered space. Meters have been raised for easy visibility and the instrument panel has been lowered for openness. The center console connects seamlessly with the 12.3 inch center display. Minimized the number of switches, keeping things as intuitive as possible. The Solterra comes equipped with Harman Kardon premium audio,  that’s exclusive to the Subaru version. Featuring a large glass roof, it will accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. With the tunnel in the middle removed, you will have plenty of space to sit in the rear, and plenty of storage space inside the cabin.


Solterra comes with a new safety package, SUBARU Safety Sense, that covers all-around safety in an even greater range of situations.

With the new Safe Exit Assist System - the system that will warn you there is a vehicle coming from the rear when you’re about the open the door and exit your car – you will now be warned to wait until the hazard has cleared before
you open the door.

The all‑new Solterra also comes equipped with an Reverse Automatic Braking system that will detect and warn you if there’s a vehicle or a pedestrian behind your car as you reverse. This limit the risk of you colliding with these objects.

Thanks to the numerous ultrasonic sensors and view cameras placed around the Solterra, you will have a 360 degree bird’s eye view of your car which will help you monitor space around it and to help keep everyone
safe- both inside and outside your car.

Solterra also comes equipped with the Driver Monitoring System that has face recognition technology and snooze control to reduce the risk of you falling asleep while on the wheel.

With 464 liters of loading capacity (space for 3 large suitcases, 4 golf bags,  or similar large items), the Solterra features various hooks and rings to make sure luggage doesn’t fly around while you drive.

The S‑Pedal feature will help you accelerate and brake simply by depressing and releasing the acceleration pedal.

Equipped with 3 different drive modes (Eco/Normal/Power), the all‑new Solterra has paddle shifts for quick and dynamic regeneration of braking energy which comes handy when driving on winding roads or unstable conditions.

Powered by two independent  80 kW electric  motors (one on each axle - front and rear) that deliver 160 kW of output, 336 n/m of torque, Solterra goes from zero to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds.

The Solterra continues to be a true Subaru with its Permanent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) System - with both front and rear motors engaging the 4 wheels permanently, and immediately as the car starts moving.

It also comes with an upgraded version of our X‑MODE system. With X‑MODE, you don’t need to be an off-road expert - you just press a button and you can start navigating easily through stretches of deep mud, snow, and even steep slippery slopes without the risk of sliding off.
When driving down steep inclines, enjoy your adventures  without having to touch the axel or the brake pedal - just keep your hands on the steering wheel and let the car handle the tricky part for you.

Solterra features a new Grip Control function which takes full advantage of the ideal power distribution of its two independent motors to increase grip control.

With a low center of gravity, the Solterra has a minimum  ground clearance of 210mm.

EuroNCAP_2022_StarRatingLogo_5 stars 3D white pos               The Solterra achieved the maximum                                 5‑star overall rating in the 2022                      Euro NCAP* safety performance tests.

           *The European New Car Assessment               Programme: independent crash test & safety organisation backed by several European governments, motoring & consumer clubs.

For more information, please visit www.euroncap.com


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