Stay Connected

The SUBARU Care mobile app* is your passport to a new level of connectivity and convenience available on the Subaru Solterra. 

Connected to the vehicle and the in-car multimedia system, this app enables you to remotely access and control a whole range of information and functions, from checking your battery levels to setting in-cabin temperature of your vehicle - or even locking/unlocking your doors for added safety.

Download now to stay connected with your Subaru Solterra - even when you’re not in it.


* available only for the Subaru Solterra. 

SUBARU Care Mobile App

Subaru Care Mobile App


Climate Control

Remotely set a comfortable in-cabin temperature, or set-up pre-heating/cooling on selected days of the week before you start your journey with the scheduling feature (including defrosting front or rear windshield).

Battery charging schedule

Using SUBARU Care's Remote Charging functionality, you can check the battery level of your Solterra, or pre-schedule charging, so that it is ready whenever you need it.


Locate charging points across Europe to plan your journeys with peace of mind, and unlock the charging points easily via the SUBARU Care app or RFID card.

Find My Car

Using SUBARU Care's 'Find my Car' functionality, you can now easily locate your Solterra with the map on your app, or can even activate the hazard lights for a short period of time to further help you spot your car.

Car Status

Check if you may have forgotten your car keys in the car, or if you have left your car unintentionally unlocked – securely lock your car from wherever you are. Your car is equipped with a variety of sensors and the Car Status feature gives you a variety of useful security information about your car; and you can also unlock and lock your car remotely.

Warning lights information / notifications

Consult or be notified of any active warning events happening to your Solterra, and contact Subaru or Roadside assistance when needed.

EV Coaching

SUBARU Care also gives you access to driving analytics. Access and learn from the insights of your trips to improve your driving for better efficiency. Available by week, month and year, you can consult information about average energy consumption, distance, duration, braking and so much more; and also access and analyse individual trips.

Subaru Connected Multimedia

Innovative infotainment and connectivity, 
that create enjoyment through connected car experience.

Subaru Connected MultiMedia

The latest connectivity technology has been adopted to bring 
vehicle-human connectivity to a brand new experience, using network technology 
to obtain information quicker, more easily, and without discomfort. 
The 12.3-inch large screen display is highly visible with reduced reflections, simple screen layout and menu hierarchy that can be operated intuitively and quickly. 
Connectivity functions between smartphones and the vehicle have also been adopted, allowing you to tap into your Solterra without having to be inside it.

Cloud-based navigation

The cloud function realizes optimal route search using the most up-to-date information and user-friendly navigation operation using voice recognition. This communication-based navigation function downloads required map information such as road events, live traffic information, parking information, charging locations, etc. without the possibility of losing your navigation info in case of connectivity issues.

Dynamic Voice Recognition

A cloud-based voice recognition accurately understands and responds to conversational commands in your daily life with the Solterra. You can interact directly with the vehicle, for example closing windows and adjusting the climate control, or operating the navigation system, audio, hands-free phone calls, and many other features.
In addition to activation by operating the Talk switch on the steering wheel, the function can also be activated by touching the microphone icon in the display.

Web browser

Connect to the internet via smartphone tethering, and browse on websites on your multimedia display (news sites, blogs, streaming music sites, video sites, etc.).

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