A Subaru driver's story

The million kilometre car!

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How many kilometres do you have on the counter of your current car? While most drivers can simply read the total from their car computer, others – like Jerner Jung – have to guess as their counter stopped counting when it got to a million kilometres.

But, just how far is a million kilometres? To put it into perspective, it’s the same as driving to the moon and back – and then reaching the moon a second time. Or, you could simply drive around the circumference of the earth 25 times. In other words, it’s a really long way.

And to reach that elusive target, you need the right car: it has to be reliable, it has to be safe and, most of all, it has to be fun to drive.

Meet Jerner Jung and discover how his passion got his Subaru Forester to the million kilometre milestone.

When I drive this car, I feel a lot of passion, it’s a piece of my heart. We’ve been together 20 years now, and I still love driving this car.

Why Subaru?

My mother’s first car was a Subaru. It was great. Horns around the steering wheel. Lights around the door, disco style. And reliable. So when I saw the Forester, I knew my car would also be a Subaru. The Forester is ideal for what I need. Mountains, rivers, hills or woods, the Forester handles it all. It’s a fantastic car. And it’s never let me down, never sprung a leak, never broken down. All I do, is get it professionally serviced every 15,000km. A small price to pay for such a reliable car.”

Only a Forester could handle this road.

Passion for Subaru


Subaru road trips

“For the last 20 years I’ve been lucky to be able to do what I want. And I enjoy travelling. It took me 12 hours to drive the 1,400km to get here and, apart from a bit of traffic, I enjoyed it. I’m already planning future trips. Next year, I’m going to South America, Borneo and back to Australia. Beautiful places.”

I enjoy travelling too much to stay home for long.

Reaching the 1.000.000 km milestone!

Reaching a million km

“I wanted proof that my Subaru Forester had reached a million kilometres, as I thought the six digits on the counter would turn from 999,999 back to zero after I reached the milestone and nobody would believe me. So, I took a series of photos as my car approached the magic million target. However, the counter didn’t turn back to zero. Apparently, the car computers on Subaru Foresters built at the same time as mine, only go as far as 999,999. I’d need to change the car computer in order to keep counting my kilometres – but I like seeing the maxed out counter too much for that!”

Proof that I drove a million kilometres.

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