Introducing e-BOXER: Hybrid, the Subaru way

The first electrified Subaru in Europe

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Delivering the same Safe, Fun and Tough values that you know and love from your Subaru, the e-BOXER is Subaru’s new generation power unit system that combines electric motor with two of Subaru’s core technologies: the BOXER engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (S‑AWD).


And the good news: the first e-BOXER equipped models – the all new Forester and Subaru XV – were unveiled at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. Please check with your local dealers for more details.


The all-new Subaru XV


So, how does the eBOXER work?


e-BOXER is a hybrid system that uses electric power from a compact battery and motor to assist the engine which is the main power source. The result: an optimal and energy efficient driving experience.


100% Subaru

Subaru features a customized Lineartronic transmission that integrates an electric motor, powered by a high-voltage Lithium-ion battery. The battery is ideally positioned to maintain the basic structural layout of the SAWD drivetrain, lower the overall centre of gravity even further and improve the balance of the front/rear vehicle weight distribution. Subaru's Global Platform's superb safety standards remain high. The result is enhanced peace of mind thanks to the car’s responsive handling characteristics, improved driving stability and performance, and fuel efficiency.

FB20 engine

(e-BOXER designated)


(e-BOXER designated)

Electric Motor

(Built in transmission case)

High-voltage Battery (Lithium ion battery)

DC/DC Converter
Electric Motor inverter

What are the benefits of eBOXER? Efficiency at all levels.


With the all new eBOXER powertrain, you get an enhanced Subaru driving experience whilst enjoying practical fuel efficiency. Every element – system layout, safety package, refined driving performance, capability and versatility – has been optimised.



Subaru e-BOXER offers drivers peace of mind.

It's safe

Subaru e-BOXER offers drivers the peace of mind that comes with outstanding safety features.

The Subaru Global Platform’s high-tensile body frame and reinforced battery frame protect the high-voltage electrical components (battery, DCDC converter and inverter) so they stay secure, even in case of a rear collision.

The brakes are highly responsive with a natural feel thanks to the eBOXER eliminating the unnatural braking feel that is common to motor-assisted and electric vehicles. The brakes are easy to control and respond quickly and linearly to pedal input. This is especially useful in stop-and-go city traffic as it helps drivers to feel safe for a pleasant and stress free driving experience.

Motor Assist’s torque response and control provide even better and more versatile rough road capability. The easy-to-control acceleration allows the driver to focus on steering, encouraging safe driving wherever you drive.


The all-new Forester


It's fun

The engine and motor work together to adjust to the most efficient driving mode depending on the driving speed and conditions.

Depending on driving speeds and road conditions, eBOXER optimally controls the engine and the motor, efficiently managing the driving power and regeneration (battery recharging). Low-speed EV driving with eBOXER technology and Motor Assist optimises fuel efficiency to provide an enjoyable vehicle for commuting, shopping and other everyday activities.


When driving from a standstill or driving at low speeds, the car is powered by the electric motor for quiet and zero-emission driving. Depending on the car and battery condition, the car can reach up to 40km/h in electric mode.


At medium speeds, power from the motor and the engine combine to give a responsive, linear and fuel-efficient acceleration. At high speeds, the 2.0L direct injection eBOXER engine powers the car while recharging the battery.



Improved steering stability, increased ride comfort, 
reduced vibration & noise levels.Rear support and suspension subframes were added to enhance the overall torsional rigidity, reduce unwanted vibrations and improve handling. The result is improved driving stability, low noise and increased ride comfort.

 Linear and responsive acceleration. Experience linear and responsive acceleration every time the accelerator pedal is pressed for comfortable and stress-free driving in the city where speeds change frequently in stop-and-go traffic. Pressing the accelerator pedal also generates torque in the electric motor, charging the Lithium-ion battery. With SIDRIVE* the ideal acceleration for each driving situation is selectable. Customised for the eBOXER to better utilise the Motor Assist, SIDRIVE is a powertrain performance management system that allows the driver to choose between ‘intelligent’ and ‘sport’ modes which tailor the car’s throttle characteristics for increased driving pleasure.  *SI-DRIVE is only available with the all-new Forester.

Convenience and versatility

Thanks to the space-saving design of the compact battery pack, cabin and cargo space aren’t compromised. The electric components are all under the cargo floor ensuring a spacious boot. The rear seats can also be folded down for a flat cargo floor so you can store large luggage and equipment for the activities you enjoy.


Enhanced rough road capability


It's tough

Enhanced rough road capability
X‑Mode’s rough road capabilities are further enhanced with Motor Assist for easy and quick torque control. Long, bumpy and challenging slopes can be climbed smoothly without stepping too hard on the accelerator.


In normal driving, or in I- and SMode*, the Motor Assist activates from 4 km/h. In XMode, it activates at 0 km/h to improve power and acceleration from a complete stop.