2 October 2023

Subaru Launches All-New Crosstrek in Europe



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Subaru Launches All-New Crosstrek in Europe

  • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive standard equipment.
  • Feat. custom-built e-BOXER mild hybrid powertrain.
  • Subaru Global platform optimised. Torsional rigidity up 10%.
  • Latest iteration of Subaru’s DYNAMIC X SOLID design language.
  • New 11.6-inch infotainment, features new geo-localisation app.
  • 220 mm ground clearance. X-MODE now operates in both forward and reverse motion.
  • 7 new functions added to the EyeSight Driver Assist package, standard on all versions.
  • New head-shaking prevention seats. Head-sway down 44%. Cabin sound pressure down 50%


Zaventem, 02 October 2023 – Subaru Europe, the European subsidiary of Subaru Corporation, today announced the launch of the all-new Crosstrek in Europe.


The Crosstrek is an all-new iteration of the Subaru XV, which it will replace in the European line-up. Since its original launch in 2011, the Subaru XV has been a popular choice amongst Subaru drivers in Europe. As its popularity grew over the years, the model became instrumental in shifting Subaru’s brand image beyond its strongly established rally-racing heritage to a niche active-outdoors SUV brand, showcasing functional values centered around safety, driving enjoyment and durability, Subaru owners typically refer to as “Safe, Fun, Tough”. The Subaru XV is currently Subaru’s best-selling model in Europe, and accounts for more than 40% of the total sales mix so far this year (Jan to Aug 2023).


The all-new Crosstrek continues to preserve the distinctive combination of the Permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (S-AWD) System with the e-BOXER hybrid powertrain. It incorporates a direct-injection 2.0-litre horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, paired with an electric motor within the customized Lineartronic transmission. The e-BOXER hybrid powertrain helps realize an even lower centre of gravity and a better-balanced front/rear vehicle weight distribution. The optimised front-rear wheel torque balance of Permanent S-AWD exhibits higher driving performance for comfortable and responsive driving, as well as stable handling. The e-BOXER hybrid powertrain adjusts the power-split ratio between the engine and the electric motor to match the driving condition, changing between 3 driving modes: Engine driving, EV driving, and Motor Assist driving.


The standard equipped Permanent S-AWD System provides all-weather confidence and capability while standard Active Torque Vectoring offers improved handling and cornering performance.


With the dual-pinion electric power steering, drivers steering operation shaft has been separated from the motor assist shaft, reducing initial steering resistance, while high support rigidity and precise control enable smoother and more linear torque transmission, resulting in a sporty steering feel with no response delays.


Standard-equipped SI-DRIVE which enables driving performance suited to every mood and driving scenario. The “I” mode supports operations in consideration of fuel economy, while “S” mode improves acceleration response.


The Subaru Global Platform has been improved. The dynamic quality of the chassis and body has been refined. Predictable driving stability has been achieved by increasing torsional rigidity by 10%, increasing body and mount rigidity, as well as improving the steering feel with no response delays. Reinforcements and high-tensile strength steel sheets have been added improving collision safety performance and the framework of the inner panels of the hood has been optimized, improving pedestrian protection.


The exterior of the new Crosstrek e-BOXER expresses its tough and rugged nature. Sharper and more dynamic lines have been applied to the exterior look of the model and continues to follow Subaru’s design philosophy of DYNAMIC x SOLID. Cladding on the front grille was expanded. The rear combination lamps give it a more assured stance. The raised bonnet in the front and the bulging fender on the sides of the vehicle emphasise its sharp form.


A total of 10 exterior colours, including four newly developed colours (Sun Blaze Pearl, Oasis Blue, Offshore Blue Metallic & Sapphire Blue Pearl) are available for Europe.


With the grey two-tone styling and silver stitching, the interior design expresses the Crosstrek's suitability for an outdoorsy and active lifestyle. While providing the driver with the optimal driving position, the spacious interior has been optimised thanks to the widened shoulder room, comfortable distance between seat centres, and comfortable head and leg space.


The Crosstrek offers up to 1314 litres of trunk space. With easy-to-access rear seat space, the 6:4-split reclining rear seats enable the trunk space to be freely expanded. Thanks to its moderate height for ease of access and wide opening, loading/unloading luggage is now easier.


The wiping range of the rear wiper arm has been expanded (+45mm) and one additional front windscreen washer nozzle has been added at the centre of the vehicle (leading to a total of 3 nozzles in the front), providing better visibility.


Engineers set themselves the challenge of endowing the Crosstrek with standards of ride-quality, standards of quietness and of driving comfort normally associated with significantly pricier models in upper segments. Although quantitative improvements to the Global platform considerably raised these standards on each new Subaru XV iteration, and measurement tests showed improved values every time, sensory evaluations didn’t seem to mirror enough of the new standards engineers were targeting for the Crosstrek; there was a gap between what numbers said and what test drivers were experiencing. Engineers then decided to address the challenge from a new perspective. They turned to and collaborated with medical experts and shed new light on factors influencing riding comfort, visual and physical tiredness on long journeys. They formulated hypotheses on how rolling motion and resonance impacted on specific areas of the spine and caused back pain on long journeys, or how given vibration frequencies, although not perceived audibly, affected specific areas of the inner-ear and caused fatigue, road sickness. This new approach led to the development of head-shaking preventing seats*1*2 and measures that significantly reduced cabin sound pressure*3 and allowed to reach the standards of ride-quality, quietness and comfort engineers wished to endow the all-new Crosstrek with.


The all-new Crosstrek comes with an easy-to-use Subaru common interface that features an 11.6-inch, full HD touch panel centre information display. Aside from touch buttons, hardware switches continue to be provided for operations that drivers should perform without averting their gaze for a safe drive.


The infotainment system now features a PIN Code Lock designed to help prevent leakage of personal information during valet parking. This also notifies the user when the vehicle moves outside a preset area, useful to signal if it is not being driven as intended, or simply being stolen.


A new method for setting a destination using what3words*4 has been adopted which enables users to identify exact locations by setting destinations based on the corresponding words. The Crosstrek also provides improved connectivity compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay*5 and Android Auto™*6.


The all-new Crosstrek features X-MODE, a system that takes control of the engine, transmission, all-wheel drive system and brakes for optimal traction on slippery surfaces and steep inclines. Different driving modes may be selected to suit different road surfaces and driving conditions. X-MODE also features a Hill Descent Control function that allows the driver to drive down steep inclines at a safe, constant speed without actioning the brake pedal, and to focus solely on steering the vehicle. On the all-new Crosstrek, and for the first time, X-Mode is now also available when driving in reverse.

Crosstrek comes with a minimum ground clearance of 220 mm, along with improved approach & departure angles, which reduce the risk of the front of the body dragging or the car bottoming out, while offering road clearance for a wider range of activities. It also comes with a towing capacity of 1270 kg.


The all-new Crosstrek features the newest version of the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, Subaru’s stereo camera prevention collision system. It has a significantly wider recognition range (the range was nearly doubled). The new system recognizes two-wheeled vehicles and pedestrians to the left and right of the vehicle. Now using an electric brake booster with more responsive boosting performance, Pre-Collision Braking responsiveness and reduced operating noise have been improved.


The new EyeSight Driver Assist Technology comes with 14 functions; 7 of which are new (Front Pre-collision Braking, Autonomous Emergency Steering, Lane Centering Function, Emergency Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Intelligent Speed Limiter, EyeSight Assist Monitor). The EyeSight system is fitted as standard equipment.


Other standard-equipped functions include Reverse Automatic Breaking (RAB), Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD) System as well as some Subaru-first safety features; such as the LED cornering lamps that enhance visibility at night and help early spotting of pedestrians and bicycles, and far-side airbags for the driver’s seat (total of nine airbags).


*1: Reduction of head movement relative to vehicle body swaying: Approx. 15% improvement compared to the Subaru XV

*2: Head movement on wavy road: Head swaying (passenger seat) reduced by approx. 44%

*3: Cabin sound pressure reduction rate (harshness when driving at 20 km/h): Approx. 50% improvement compared to the Subaru XV

*4:what3words is a location information service provided by what3words Limited.

*5:Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the United States and other territories.

*6: Android Auto is a registered trademark of Google Inc. in the United States and other territories.




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About Subaru Europe NV/SA

Subaru Europe NV/SA is a fully-owned subsidiary of Subaru Corporation, the manufacturer of Subaru vehicles in Japan. Headquartered in Zaventem, Belgium, Subaru Europe acts as a local hub for all Subaru importers in Europe. It supports the distribution network via a number of functions. These include product and service training, trading, brand marketing, product marketing, market research and public relations as well as the development, testing and distribution of Subaru genuine parts and accessories.



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