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Winter with Subaru

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As winter arrives and temperatures drop, Subaru drivers will approach the cold with added confidence. That’s because every Subaru is uniquely designed to cope with whatever winter throws at it. Tested in the Arctic Circle at temperatures as low as minus 40ºC, these are vehicles built to thrive in the toughest environments.


Not all four-wheel drive cars are created equal

For a start, many 4WD systems are simply bolted on to a 2WD platform. This can delay the delivery of power when wheels need it most – in icy conditions for example. Subaru’s unique permanent Symmetrical AllWheel Drive (SAWD) ensures all four wheels work to their maximum potential, sending power to the wheels that have grip and away from the ones that are starting to slip. Combined with the flat and compact BOXER engine, this achieves optimal vehicle balance and weight distribution. The result is a more stable, safer ride, even in the most demanding weather. 



Let the experts help you

In tricky situations, we’re all grateful for expert assistance. Enter Subaru XMode. Imagine you’re climbing or descending snow-covered terrain from a standing start. At the push of a button, XMode summons instant, sure-footed control by coordinating the engine, transmission, SAWD and brakes, distributing more torque to tyres that are planted firmly on the ground. Using the XMode's Hill Descent Control helps you maintain a fixed speed downhill without any complex braking. Allowing you to focus on the steering and bringing ultimate peace of mind to every tricky descent.


Awarded as the best manufacturer for safety features in the 2019 Driver Power Survey - AutoExpress UK

Our favorite tip? Don’t forget to have fun.

Winter can be a challenging time of year but let’s not forget how enjoyable it is too. A Subaru is one of the best ways to get you and your gear out into the great outdoors. From ski racks and cargo trays, to roof boxes and winter wiper blades, accessorising your Subaru is the simple way to transform it into your perfect winter travel companion. To see how you can customise a Subaru, click on the interactive images below or contact your local Subaru dealer for more information.

LED Tailgate Illumination*

Features: Two additional LED lights that illuminate the exterior while the rear gate is raised.
*Only applicable to the all-new Forester e-BOXER with powered tailgate.

Roof Box*

Dimensions: 2,018 x 905 x 377mm
Features: Inside LED light, a Quick Grip System for safe and easy fixation as well as a Safety nose to prevent unsecured load from breaking through the box at time of a collision.
*Aluminum Carrier Base required

Ski Attachment*

Maximum capacity: 4 ski sets or 2 snowboards.
*Aluminum Carrier Base required

Wiper Blade - Flat (Front*/ Rear)

Improved wiping performance even under severe conditions and at high speed.
*Front: set of 2.

Cargo Tray Low

Protects luggage space floor from dust and dirt.

Welcome Light*

Projects the Subaru logo onto the ground next to the car when the door is opened.
*Set of 2.

Rubber Mat Front Set (LHD / RHD)

Protects carpet from wear and damage from water, mud and snow.
*In combination with Rubber Mat Rear set.


No matter how safe your car, there are always added precautions drivers can take to meet challenging conditions. For our winter driving tips please click here where you can read all about it.


Subaru is always ready for winter. Are you?