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Passive Safety

Subaru safety performance rates highly in various safety assessment programs around the world, including JNCAP in Japan, IIHS and NHTSA in the USA, and Euro NCAP in Europe. Ever since the Subaru 360 era – a time when passive safety had yet to become mainstream in the automotive industry – Subaru have continued to research and develop its Passive Safety technology.

In consideration of passengers
and pedestrians.

In the event of a collision, the car body is the last line of defence.
In pursuit of passenger and pedestrian safety, Subaru have collected and analysed extensive data from a range of traffic accidents.
Attention to detail and continuous research through crash testing has enabled us to develop our Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Framed Body. In addition to protection of passenger, Subaru's passive safety is designed to protect pedestrian.
Subaru Passive Safety is an idea born from Subaru thinking that demands safety in every element of every vehicle.

Protection against Collisions.

Since embarking on the business of car production, Subaru have above all else focused on development of “safety technology” to provide protection against collisions. Subaru cars incorporate numerous technologies designed to protect passengers, as well as the lives of pedestrians, in the event of a collision. Designing every aspect of the car with the aim of guaranteeing utmost safety is a collision safety concept that is unique to Subaru and evidenced with features such as the “Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames body” to protect against collisions, or the engine layout that protects passengers from shocks in the event of a crash.

Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames body

The heart of all-around safety

The design of this body features a ring structure connecting the left and right A, B and C pillars via the roof and floor, combined with strengthened side rails and side sills linking the side of the body to create a cage that protects the central cabin. This design absorbs shocks efficiently from any direction in the event of an accident.

Frontal/Rear-End Collisions

The symmetrical layout of the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive + BOXER platform protects passengers from shocks by effectively utilising the entire chassis structure as a crushable zone in the event of a collision. Every component within the cabin has been designed safety first and manufactured with shock absorbing materials to protect the delicate human body.This concept stems from the fact that even the smallest piece of equipment can become a hazard if subjected to the high energies of a collision. Safety pedals and a seat shape that reduces injury due to whiplash during a rear-end collision have also been used.

Side/Offset Collision, Roll-over

Subarus have rigid side beams installed within doors on either side of the car to protect passengers during a side collision. The high level of rigidity afforded by the Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frames body protects the entire cabin space in the event of a collision or roll-over. The addition of front side SRS airbags/curtain SRS airbags and use of shock absorbing materials throughout the interior help to protect the head and body of passengers in a cabin entirely designed to reduce collision shocks.

Pedestrian Protection and Compatibility

One of the characteristics of the BOXER engine is its low structural profile. This allows space to be incorporated under the bonnet to absorb shocks if a pedestrian is thrown up onto the car, where they might have a high risk of sustaining head injury. Even the hinges and bonnet gas dampers are designed to reduce shocks, and the front bumper features a structure that absorbs collision energy as these can often hit the legs of pedestrians. These are just some of the ways that Subaru has designed every aspect of its cars to protect its passengers, as well as to make pedestrians and others safer.

Subaru Global Platform

Subaru Global Platform

The advantage of Subaru Global Platform is not limited to driving, but will also raise the level of SUBARU’s comprehensive safety performance dramatically.

Thanks to high rigidity and low center of gravity, excellent danger avoidance performance is achieved. Combined with the enhanced braking performance, the car responds quickly to sudden avoidance operations. The collision safety performance has also evolved. Improved vehicle body strength and optimized frame threading, realize a body structure that effectively absorbs shocks. We are further enhancing the collision safety performance of SUBARU, which has earned top ratings for safety assessment around the world.

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