Subaru rally to Mongolia 2014

20 May 2014
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The Mongolia Charity Rally is an epic pan-continental road trip that spans from Europe to Asia, crossing 7 time zones, 5 deserts, some of the highest mountain chains in the world, as well as inhospitable and barren lands. The rally starts in London on the 19th of July 2014 and ends in Ulaanbaatar, and supports Go Help, a charitable organization that provides ambulances, fire trucks, school and medical support to local Mongolian villages and communities.

This year 362 teams have already signed up, for what’s looks to be the biggest Mongol Rally in 11 years of its history and Subaru Europe are delighted to announce that the Subaru XV will be one of the participating vehicles. On board, a power team of two Canadian adventurers, Corinne Copreni and Jess Watt, look well set to take on the challenge: “After going for a drive test at a local Toronto dealership, we were 100% sold on the idea that if there is one car that can make it through this rally, it’s the Subaru XV!”

When asked what motivated them to embark on this amazing adventure, she explained :” Some might think, to drive 35,000km to Mongolia and back, across some of the most unforgiving deserts and backcountries in the world, across countries, all for charity it just plain crazy. Well, it might just be, but if it makes you dream, then it’s not crazy at all” That’s where the adventure starts. With a journey stretching no less than 35,000km, Corinne and Jess will attempt to cross over 32 countries to be one of the first teams on the Mongolia Charity Rally to not only make it to the finish line, but also drive all the way back! In co-driver Jess’s words, “this is all about sharing our dream and making you part of it.”

To follow the team’s adventurous journey, please go to the Offtrax website
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